Being Traveller How to Style Jewellery, Have you ever got this question in your mind?

If you love to travel and jewelry you are probably going to love this piece of writing and below jewelry ideas. I fell in love with travel theme jewelry idea while searching for rings and pendants for the upcoming festive season.

Suddenly a thought came into my mind why adorning new look only on festive seasons but we should try the variety for every look.

Beautiful Fashionable Traveller’s Jewellery

We’ve put together a list of few travel jewelry items in this article for those looking for a way to express their love for travel, searching for a gift for a unique traveler, or just looking for creativeness about what types of travel-themed jewelry are out there. We’ve put together a list of items of jewelry types, budgets, and fashion tastes.

We’ve even included a few travel jewelry items designed for all ages travelers and some products designed to help you store and protect your jewelry while traveling.

The Way You Should Style Jewellery

We’ve brought a perfect event by Momspresso, In association with TANISHQ on 2nd November 2018. You can know about

  • How to style jewelry gold or diamond (that’d be live by randomly picking someone from the audience)
  • What are the current jewelry trends (especially travel based style )
  • Adorning new looks this festive season of 2018.
  • Also, experiment with fusion

We also studied some trending pieces and hoped you like this list of delightful travel themed jewelry items, and perhaps you’ll discover your new favorite pieces of jewelry along the way!

Travel Themed Necklaces

Necklaces are most commonly used the item by women and men both. Whether its pendant or personalized lockets there are many ways to show your love to travel.

  • State Necklaces
  • Luggage Shape Necklaces
  • Travel Pendant Necklaces are writing small quotes over it.
  • Globe and compass shape or a beautiful chain with a working compass

Travel Themed Bracelets

Travel jewelry can also fit around your wrist. Here are few ideas to think of your travel bracelets that might be good for you.

  • Handstamp Wrap Bracelets
  • Broad Map bracelets
  • Leather cuffs bracelets
  • Travel storage Bracelets and custom photo charm bracelets.

Travel Themed Rings

Rings don’t need any introduction as we women and men both love to wear a variety of contemporary rings. Here are a few ideas that can be done with a designer jeweler you can make with. Most jewelers like Tanishq will take care of customers choice.

  • Handstamp rings
  • Map photo rings
  • Mountain shape rings
  • Map print platinum band rings for couple traveler

Travel Themed Earrings

Earrings are the most excellent item to choose by women while traveling, its easy to handle and have lots of choices. Here are a few ideas you can make with designer jewelers around.

  • Passport shape Gold earrings
  • State shape earrings made with white gold
  • Spaceship shape earrings

Other picks like Travel theme brooches shapes like Ship or cruise share or map shape or compass shape brooches you can use while traveling.

When thinking about jewelry, most of us believe and not to prefer jewelry, but with our travel theme jewelry ideas you can easily carry and enjoy your trip tension free.

There are lots of designer jewelers like Tanishq etc. can provide you with such beautiful and unique products as per your requirement in this festive season.

Like watches, cufflinks, Tiepins, Barefoot pearl sandals, and more products. Now its easy to travel with unique jewelry to explore a new place and enjoy a vacation without any hassle.

These jewelry are perfect for those who love jewelry but passionate for traveling around the world. These products come with numbers of variants which a traveler couldn’t refuse to carry.

In and around us there are lots of themed designer jewelry brands like Tanishq who can provide a unique and wide range of gold and diamond jewelry to their customers.

Recently they invite few of peoples to join their designer jewelry event of Tanishq in Pune. I would love to participate and share these travel theme jewelry ideas with their perfect designers.

I will be soon here again with new ideas for travelers who are passionate about their traveling and fashion too. Hope this travel theme jewelry ideas make your day and now you guys have a great chance to enjoy fashionable traveling.

Please do share your thoughts and ideas through the comment section; we would love to share your experience with other travelers.

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