India, a land of beauty & variety is one of the world’s most amazing countries to explore. Visiting India can be an exciting and memorable experience for touring. With a little bit of trip planning, travellers visiting India can have a safe and pleasurable holiday.Traveling to India Checklist

Here are some suggestions to consider helping plan your trip.

* Applying for multiple entries Visa, the cost is same and allows you to re-enter India.

* Do the prior booking of hotels. Make sure written confirmation on mail of booking you have at the time of arrival.

* Don’t hire private taxis at the time of entry, as most flights arrive at late night. Request your hotel to send a car to the airport for pickup.

Electric Voltage In India is 220volts AC, 50 cycles
Make sure you have voltage adapter with you or check when booking hotels, some hotels have these both available.
Buying medicine Buy from reputable pharmacies
When purchasing medication in India, buy from reputable pharmacies and always as for proper receipt.
Water safety Use bottled water & avoid tap water
Make sure you use bottled water and please avoid tap water.

Foreign currency: Check currency exchange booths, foreigners traveling in India are allowed to take any amount of money, there is no restriction on the amount you carry.

Pan card requirement: pan cards in India are similar to social security numbers abroad and issued by Indian income tax department to identify and track tax records.

Seasons in India

WINTER November – March: bright and pleasant with snowfall in Northen Hills
SUMMER April – June: Summertime is hot in most parts of India, and it is then that various hill stations give coolness.
MONSOON June- September: Rainfall is heavy in west coast between June to  September and east coast between mid-October and December.


Selecting Sightseeing Packages: Planning for a city tour, check before paying for that it is shown in any language you understand and possible to visit all sites in prearranged time.

Traveling to India checklist is a general use for travelers. It’s not for everyone, so feel free to ad remove and customize as per your essential needs during traveling.

Here are our Best travel tips for first-time travelers in India. Hope you will enjoy your journey.

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