Before planning your trip during the rainy season, it is extremely important to carry the right mix of accessories and tools to help you throughout your journey and make your trip hassle-free. You might need various equipment for several purposes like saving your cell phone or wallet or for many other reasons. This makes choosing the right assortment of accessories essential as they can be the difference between a great trip and a dud.

Travelling is something which we all love and getting interrupted by weather is not something any of us would want. There is no perfect time to visit any place. If you think of visiting an area during the rainy season, you surely are missing something which shouldn’t be missed. Not only the rainy season provides exotic scenic beauty, but also since it’s a low season one gets to enjoy the destination uninterruptedly without much crowd conveniently. Rainy season is undoubtedly one of the best times to travel to some places because of the beautiful weather and beautiful scenic nature which get better during the rainy season.

But it is highly essential to carry certain items with you without fail while on a trip during rainy days. Below we look at the top 10 accessories to keep while traveling in the rainy season.

Waterproof DSLR Case

If you like to capture the natural beauty which is vividly on offer during the rainy season, it is highly essential to protect your DSLR from the rain. The waterproof case can come in very handy to protect your camera while giving you the flexibility to use it and carry it everywhere and anywhere.

Mosquito Protection

Rainy season is the time when mosquitoes are on full flow, so it is important to have some preventive measures so that you stay away from dreadful mosquito bites. So it is vital to carry a repellent cream or spray which can keep the little bugs away.

Travel Umbrella

Carrying an umbrella with you while on a trip during the rainy season can help you extensively during rainy days. A small travel umbrella packed in your bag can help quite a lot on your journey, preventing you from getting all wet.

An Ultralight Rain Jacket

Walking around all wet and soggy is not something anyone will be comfortable with. Make sure you carry an ultralight rain jacket which is lightweight and is waterproof. This can come in extremely handy in different situations and will let you keep exploring without any hindrance.

Connected Electronics Case

If you want to keep your electronic equipment safe and still on the wire for getting charged or something else, this electronics case can come in extremely handy undoubtedly. Make sure you carry one to keep you visited smooth with your electronic devices always with you and turned on.

Ziplock Bags

These are convenient, cheap and waterproof, making them extremely useful and vital in places where you are about to face water in the form of rain. They can be used to protect anything from the water keeping them dry and safe.

First Aid Kit

While traveling anywhere during the rainy season, first aid kit is an important thing to carry alongside. In case of a minor injury, one uses the package effectively to prevent further damage.

Water Bottle with Purifier

Most of the dreadful diseases which spread during the rainy season are because of contaminated water. Rainy season comes along with many bugs, insects, and worms, so it is essential to carry a water bottle which also has a purifier so that you get clean water to drink.


The best gear which one can carry alongside during the rainy season is undoubtedly the poncho. It can be highly comfortable and light to move alongside the trip because of its extremely lightweight. They are inexpensive and can also cover your other accessories like the camera, mobile phone, and other things.

Dry Sack

Dry Sacks can be extremely vital to transport things like camera, phone, other electronic stuff or the things which you don’t want wet. This should be high up in your bucket list.

Hope above shared list of travel accessories makes your monsoon trip comfortable. Most of the items are preferable for travel accessories list for kids also. Above travel accessories list items you can find easily on Amazon in various offers.

Enjoy your trip with our travel accessories list and do share your experience with us through the comment section.


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