India is the amazing country! It is far beyond historical monuments, beaches and other tourist spots you are going to find out from TripAdvisor. This country is an excellent teacher if you learn to accept and listen to its lesson. While staying in India, I went through many travellers and here I am sharing you essential travel tips to help you survive in India. I put up a list of some important things here.

1. Be flexible about your plans & expectations

India has so many exciting surprises for new visitors. Try to accept the culture in India without comparing your religion and background. To save you from delays, cancellations and other random situations, always have a plan B in your planner.

2. Plan in advance

If you are not coming to any travel company, then try to make arrangements at least three weeks before arrival. It is worthwhile to book tickets in advance on regular days, and one month before big holidays like Holi, Diwali. Try to be fast in reservation great deals.

3. Get ready for staring and questions

Many Indians give particular attention to foreigners. Some looking to you steadily and some will ask to take a pic with you. They don’t have any idea their behaviour bothers you. They don’t mean to offend you; they are just interested to know you better by asking questions about your name, relationship, family and so on. Most Indians are used to share the whole thing and adjust since childhood, all apace standards collapse once you visit here. Keep this in mind and be prepared to increase a bit your space borders.

4. Go Local

Try to spend your time around festivals to get better understanding Indian culture. Visit Diwali – the festival of light, Holi – colours springing, Lohri – winter festival of Punjab, attend a traditional wedding for a variety of experience.

5. Follow your route & interest

India is diverse with many experiences in store for the travellers. I would advise not to follow patterns. India can give you much more than Goa and Taj Mahal. No doubts are also amazing destinations, however exciting opportunities to visit tea plantations, stay in the desert, join yoga and meditation program in mountains. Choose less – explore more.

6. Don’t over pack

Try to pack fewer clothes, because it’s almost impossible to skip shop in India. Don’t pack lots of medicine unless you stay in the remote village. Absolutely in every town and cities, you will find pharmacies of Homeopathy, Ayurvedic standards. The two most important things, I would suggest; take high sun protection & charging adapter converts.

7. Follow basic etiquette

Dress accordingly – India is a conservative country in dressing for women. Try to wear clothes at least knee length unless you are on the beach or south Mumbai.
Think vegan – If you are a vegan person, then you love to be in India. So many varieties of tasty food options & its always marked in the green dot.

Pay attention to gender-specific area-In India there are some places where only women allow and vice versa. It’s applicable for transport, some religious sites, etc.

Inform yourself about temples– Always take off your shoes before you enter temples and dress decently. Some places don’t allow non-Hindu, some only for men & others have rules for visitors. It’s highly advisable researching about temple you plan a visit if it’s known tourist attractions.

I hope these India travel tips will be handy during your visit. Here are some specific and beautiful destinations you might like to visit.

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