One of the biggest problems that trekkers face while going for trekking is forgetting some essential things that they need to carry with them. This is quite natural if you are new to trekking. Also, at present, most people who go for trekking need to travel a lot before they reach the destination. So, if they forget something, there is no way out for them. Moreover, there are times when you might come face to face with a tricky situation when you need a certain thing which you forgot to bring. So, in this article, you will find a list of things to carry while trekking. This list will certainly help you to get your backpacks ready properly.

A Flashlight or Torchlight

There are times when it gets dark while trekking. In such occasions, a flashlight or torchlight will be your best friends. Moreover, in such a dark atmosphere, you will face life-threatening challenges. To overcome them, you need to focus on the way out and the only way you can do that is with the help of a flashlight or torchlight. Thus, torchlight must go into your trekking essentials kit.

Hand Sanitizers

The mountain you will be climbing will not be going to throw challenges at you only with its height, it will also throw at you some germs which you have to avoid in order to get further into the hiking. Your hand will get contaminated and when you eat with your hands, you will fall ill. So, it is always better to have hand sanitizers in your trekking essentials kit to save yourself from those germs.

A Hat or Cap

While hiking, you must look to save yourself from the sunburn and direct exposure of your skin to the sun. So, including a hat or cap in your trekking checklist will be a good idea. If you love hiking and go for trekking quite frequently then you could look to buy a cap because, in the longer run, it will save you from the adverse effects of the Sun.

Sunscreen and Lip Balms

Another thing that should be in your trekking essentials kit is sunscreen lotion. Like the hat, it will also help you to save yourself from the sunburn. Sunscreen will help you to protect yourself from the direct UV rays. Always look to carry a sunscreen lotion that has an SPF rating of 70 or more. Also, carrying lip balms, which have SPF ratings, will help you to protect your lips from sunburn.

Trekking Map or Route

You might think that you have GPS on your mobile, so you don’t need a map. However, when you go out, you will find that sometimes your phone runs out of battery or has no network to use GPS. If you have a dedicated device for GPS then it might come to your aid but the best thing would be to include a hard copy of the map of the place where you are going for hiking in your trekking essentials kit.

Medical Kit

You should also be looking to include a basic medical kit in your trekking checklist because; you never know when you might require them. A small cut could become life-threatening and a medical kit might save your life by stopping the spreading of that germ in the first place. So, you must include it in your trekking kit.

A Swiss Knife

Many of you might not give too much importance to a little piece of Swiss knife but, you will get astonished when you take it once in your trekking trip because it will help you to overcome many challenges that the hiking trip will trough at you. So, it is certainly one of those essential things to carry for one day trekking.

Water Bottle

Well, it is hardly ever required to stress on the fact that water bottle is one of the most essential things to carry while trekking. While trekking, you will be sweating a lot even if you are hiking in a cold atmosphere. So, sipping the water bottle several times during trekking will help you to keep your body hydrated and energized to go the extra distance.

Essential Foods

While trekking, you will lose your energy quite frequently and that is why you need to eat foods that will provide you with instant energy. That is why you should have foods such as dry fruits or chocolates or energy bars in your trekking essentials kit as these foods will surely help you to revitalize your body. These food items will take less space in your trekking backpack. So, it will be easier for you to carry.


No other thing could help you to organize the things to carry for one day trekking than a backpack. Sometimes your trekking kit could get heavy because of the essential things you have to carry. Using a backpack to carry that load will be much more comfortable for you because it will distribute the load evenly on your shoulders. So, when you are choosing a backpack for trekking, make sure that the backpack is able to protect your trekking essentials from snow or rain and provide an easy access to your trekking stuff.

Final Words

Finally, these are some of the essential things you must carry while trekking because when the conditions become adverse, they can help you to overcome those situations.

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