You have created a travel budget, and you settled on goal that’s too scary and manageable. Awe-inspiring Read on How to save for creative travel ways.

If you are serious about your effort to fund your travel directly and systematically, rather than out of whatever in your bank account when you travel date comes around, this is a critical step.

This means, for a lot of us, it’s probably to keep up an account that has money left over from the month to put into savings.

ways to save money

As many of you are aware, the solution to this is to save money multiple times a month. This is no different for traveling fund, and as the saying goes, ‘No sum is too small.’

  • Open a dedicated savings account
  • Challenge yourself to play a game called ‘Real life’:
  • Set up an automatic transfer
  • Save smart, in every way possible
  • Travel grants

Open a dedicated savings account: Alright You have opened a savings account for all the collection of your travel fund. Now, the tricky bit is actually to save money into that account. Excitement from that decision of travel saving should be motivation enough, but people need a trigger to start something good.

ways to save money

We all are most competitive with ourselves. You might also realize the pleasure of completing a level with a perfect score. Try putting yourself through money challenges kicks you off for saving.

Challenge yourself to play a game called ‘Real life’: When you are trying to reach the goal, you have various options on how to collect the money, including transfer back to account.

ways to save money

Below are some examples of this challenge:

  • Cook healthy from cheapest grocery store for a week
  • Go an entire week without visiting for coffee or dine out
  • Don’t spend money on entertainment for a week
  • Use public transport instead of using the car.

Applying challenges to this task can help clear out to quick addition to your travel fund account.

Set up automatic transfer: Once you opened your account, you have to fund it. If you don’t trust that you will follow discipline to add money, set up an automatic transfer on a regular basis. This is easy to set up and can add up over the time. For, e.g., transfer of 500 INR per week add up to nearly 26,000 INR in a year, that would have fund flights, hotels or you can go for package deals from different sites. Starting a recurring deposit could also the best option, and you will get interested in your savings. Go for it!

ways to save money

Save smart, in every way possible: This is where your creativity, attention, innovation to come in to help you make that much more cash for travel. Here are some ideas;

ways to save money

Stop buying new clothes, if you manage with old ones.

Don’t use lights during daytime

Close down your gym membership and go jogging and another outdoor exercise

Stop upgrading your gadgets or sell if they are not in use for a long time

Travel grants: If you are traveling for professional, educational or research purpose, you may qualify for n number of travel grants available to individuals. In most cases travel grant do not fund your full trip but instead give you discounted flights or hotel stays, it can be considered money in your pocket.

ways to save money

Picking the right travel credit card can also offset a lot of your traveling expenses could even help you to save money.

When shopping for travel credit card, here are some points you should be observed.

  • Sign up bonuses
  • Add category spending bonus
  • Low spending
  • Travel or hotel stay perks
  • Annual fee
  • Foreign transaction fees
  • Card will affect your credit score

Ultimately when choosing travel credit card, you need to commit to a goal and go the card can help you. If you are interested in Air miles few airways’ provides privilege card, give your super benefits for the same. As always comparing cards is made easy, why not put in time today and get it over?

As being a privilege member gives you award flights in exchanges of miles you spend through card as well as you will get benefits of web check-in before boarding, also a big part for saving money in flight bookings.

You know the sweat of high cost of travel is more challenging than to plan it efficiently. These above points give you a trigger to save money for the trip, and you will put your step up in your travel goal. Good Luck guys!

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