Shri Ramayana Express is special train one of the most affordable” Bharat Darshan Tourist” all-inclusive package. The train is covering essential tourist places in the country. Shri Ramayana Express booking IRCTC details:

Shri Ramayana Express Booking IRCTC available on IRCTC TOURISM

Bookings also are made through IRCTC tourist Facilitation centers & zonal offices.

Shri Ramayana Expres Ticket Booking procedure as per IRCTC guidelines:

  1. log on to
  2. Choose from various packages “ Shri Ramayana ”
  3. Choosing Ramayana express booking online, you will redirect to the description page where you will find all details like fare, boarding, DE boarding points, and
  4. You will find a Book Now link option on the upper right corner
  5. Once you click book Now for Ramayana express train booking, you will go to Shri Ramayana express booking online [page.
  6. After reaching Ramayana express train booking page choose:
  • Date
  • Boarding Station
  • De-Boarding station
  • Category: Standard
  1. And now click Continue.
  2. After submission of all required information, you have to do guest login if you do not have register on IRCTC.
  3. Now put all passengers details including age and gender. You have to put nominee details, address & Id- card details for safety reasons.
  4. After filling all the information, now you will get to the payment
  5. For Ramayana express ticket booking you can pay online at the time of booking, and you will get e-Ticket for the same.

As simple as that.

A Complete Guide for Shri Ramayana Express booking and travel plan

This is how to book Ramayana express ticket booking online. IRCTC made very feasible and easy reservation for Ramayana express booking online for all age passengers

shri ramayana express booking

Important link for Ramayana express booking online:

Read here and book Package Shri Ramayana Express

Note: If you are registered user on IRCTC website then it will be more easy for Ramayana express booking IRCTC.

You can also register from here: – Click Login for the register.

For this above sacred, special train journey package you will get everything inclusions; Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, Halt & Sightseeing nearby places.

Special note: Timings might be tentative, final timing will be confirmed by railway department two days before the journey.

The itinerary will be changed or modify as per the seasonal demands.

People who want to submit LTC application must be sent within ten days after completion. After then the application will not be accepted.

So, plan your upcoming vacation with your beloved parents and old age family members for this beautiful sacred and comfortable Ramayana express booking IRCTC.

And make them feel special for enjoying Lord Rama life’s journey and his family’s sacrifices for humanity & value of the promise.

Pack your bags and enjoy the journey with our exclusive simple guide for How to book Shri Ramayana express tickets booking online. Do share your experience with us.

Disclaimer: All the above-given information based on a research basis. Fare, dates and other details might be different as per the time of booking and availability.

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