The phrase “World’s best bars” means something different for every person. For some, the ambience can make or break a watering hole. For others, a great cocktail is enough to keep them coming back for more. These top bars in the world; From London to New York City, there are the most beautiful bars to visit for a truly one-of-a-kind experience-and a great drink of course. These top 10 bars in the world give you an amazing experience during your visit.

This year’s list ranges from tiki bars to restaurants bars and hotel bars – meaning there’s a bar stool for every person or traveller.

10 Black Pearl, Melbourne

It is known as its killer cocktails and prime location on Melbourne Fitzroy Street. Black pearl bar also considers as the top bars in the world.

  • Timing 7pm-1am
  • On table food service until late
  • Bookings for events

9 Connaught Bar, London

The Connaught bar in London inspired by English Cubist & Irish art. The Connaught martini trolley is not to be missed. The Connaught Bar is considered as the most famous bars in the world.

  • Timing – 11 am – 1 am
  • Light and bar snacks
  • Varieties of Martini speciality

8 Nomad bar, New York

Nomad bar comes under the beautiful bars in the world. A luxurious hotel and the top bars in the world welcome guests with its excellent hospitality for all persons as well as travellers.

Top bars in the world

  • Stay lounge
  • Varieties of cuisine in Food
  • Drinks speciality
  • Parking available

7 Happiness Forgets, London

Walk-ins are more than encouraged at Happiness Forgets: The entrance is a flight an unassuming is looks like as the most beautiful bars in the world as well, but don’t be fooled-just follow the sign of happiness.

Top bars in the world

Basement bar- American, Gastropub, Gluten free options.

  • Timing- 5pm-11pm
  • Great cocktails – Try Tokyo Collins
  • Beautiful and calm ambience & moderately priced

6 Black Nuts, Singapore

Black Njt, a gastropub most beautiful bars in the world not only serves cheekily name cocktails inspired by local flavours and desserts but dinner food from various cuisines is available for guest and travellers.

Top bars in the world

  • Speciality: Fusion, Gastropub, Asian Pub, Singaporean.
  • Drinks and Dinner available
  • Timing: 5pm-2am

5 The Baxter Inn, Sydney

With more than 100 whiskeys to select from the world’s best bar is the pub for any drinker looking for a cocktail in Sydney. They also have Japanese scotch.

Top bars in the world

  • Speciality: Variety of whiskey, Japanese drinks
  • Timings: 4pm- 1am’
  • No need for booking, everyone welcome

4 Employees Only, New York City

This place brings locals and travellers alike to its west village location. It is also is known as Manhattan. Employees only bar is the most beautiful bar in the world.

Top bars in the world

Speciality: a variety of appetizers and snacks, dinner also served, fancy cocktails with variety.Red, white, Rose wines are also available.

Timings: 6pm-12am, Mon-Sat, 11pm-3am, Sunday(till 3:30am late night)

3 Nightjar, London

Nightjar’s menu has lots of modern cocktails. It follows no standing policy. It also considers as most beautiful bars in the world.

Top bars in the world

Speciality: Live music, African Cocktails, and many more modern cocktails. Delicious bar snacks and these are seasonal. Yummy desserts with food served.

Timing: 9:30- 12:30am

2 The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog, New York City.

Welcome to the world’s best bar in New York City. The cocktail menu is prepared by the four seasons, making the remarkable choices a little bit easier to whittle down. Got awarded by 50 World’s best bars in North America in 2016.

Top bars in the world

Speciality: Try Moby Dick: Power John’s Lane Irish Whisky, and many more cocktail options.They have Lunch, Brunch, Dinner and daily special menus

Timings: 6pm-10pm for live music and late time for the dine& bar

1 Artesian, London

Artsiean, has topped and most beautiful bars in the world for a good reason. Located in the Langham Hotel, the drinks come with the presentation. Cocktails are not cheap, but they well worth.

Top bars in the world

Speciality: In hotel stay available once booking done, Try golden pineapple glass topped with smoky potpourri in giant glass camouflage. Wine,  Champaign, Beer available.

Timing: 11 am – 1.30 am Monday- Saturday

11am- 11:30pm Sunday

From London city to NewYork city, these high bars to visit for once in a lifetime while you are a traveller. These top 10 bars in the world may be varied, but all these have something unique to serve their guests and tourists.

Hope you enjoyed a to know about their speciality and servings.

Disclaimer: All information gathered from different sources. Any difference in real time statistics cannot harm the originality of the place.

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