Not only India burst with colours on the day of Holi festival. If you have seen colourful clouds of every spring, it’s not your imagination. It is that time of year again when people not only in India but from other countries also celebrate the festival of colours in vibrantly. Holi is celebrated widely all over the world. The air filled with the sweet aroma of Gulal, water balloons at each other’s faces and worship of Lord Krishna, the Hindu god.

Holi is one of my favourite festivals amongst all festival, and every time I am trying to do something new and share my experience with other folks so that everyone gets a new idea. The celebration of colours can extend warm wishes to each other and bring their loves one closer. People get to understand each other in a society wherein, people, diverse culture lives together. This time I am sharing you the best places for Holi celebration outside of India. It’s time to get over our boundaries and feels the love and colour of happiness, Let’s enjoy folks

This is the time when all Indians come home to celebrate the festival of colors. But residing at home away from home does not break them to celebrate Holi festival.

This March if you get bored of the wild Holi play, these below five places give you an incredible and different experience of playing Holi with no boundaries. The best part is non-Indians also take part in Holi celebration.

Holi celebration in the USA:  Americans join in the spring festival, too. The majority of participants won’t be Hindus – they will be other people also. The USA holds the most significant gathering for Holi festival.

Here are some places where Holi gathering organized in the USA.

  • Riverside, California
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Spanish Fork, Utah
  • Las Vagas, Nevada
  • Oceanside, California

Houston, Texas and many more cities organize the festival of colours. The USA is the best place to celebrate Holi outside India. Eatables, colours and new friends are always welcome you to enjoy Holi there.

Holi celebration in Mauritius: “In Mauritius, it is a national holiday on Holi”. Join and celebrate Holi in Mauritius. Imagine a festival of colours on a tropical island! Cultural attractions and be mesmerized sounds fantastic! Celebrate Holi of Mauritius and explore culture and heritage with us! Enjoy sweets filled with nuts and sprays of colours.

It was initially an agricultural festival to welcome spring with colours. It’s also an excellent occasion for Hindus to get together, young and old, rich and poor all celebrate together. The day to forget your problems and be blessed.

Holi celebration in London, United Kingdom: London will be bursting with the colour on March 1, two as the city plays host the festival of colours. Events are organized up all over the city, offer a chance to get involved in one of the most beautiful events of the year.

The Holi festival in London has also been recognized the most significant Holi celebration in Europe. Fantastic sights, live music, delicious eatables and all folks come together to celebrate in Wembley Park. Make sure you book your tickets at least 3-4 days before event date; this could be a great way to celebrate the Holi at your step this year.

Holi celebration in Australia: Holi celebration in Australia is to keep love in the heart of people. The countdown has begun, and each one whether in India or abroad are waiting for this festival of colours in our life. On the day people here in Melbourne gets lost under the splash of colourful powders. Holi is celebrated in the Victorian capital.

Several events organized in Australia where people play with non-toxic colours. Melbourne organizes explicitly for Holi festival bash which is the best way of giving a warm welcome to spring.

Holi celebration in Canada: nature brings a feeling of cheerfulness with the arrival of Holi. People embrace the new changes in their lives for a better way of living. The festival is equally celebrated with Indians residing in Canada.

Canada is the country where a large number of Indians populations reside. I have read that the Indo-Canadian community individually participates in honouring this festival celebration. The parliamentarian complex of Canada also celebrated Holi last year. The event organized very beautifully, and the PM of Canada gave people a message of peace and the victory of good over evil. Every year Canada see something new during Holi celebration.

Above are Best March Holi Vacation Destinations Outside india. Same as many parts of the world, Holi is celebrated by people belonging the Hindu community. It includes exchanging greetings, gifts, sweets and spray colour with each other. Hurling various types of shades on each other and filled the day with lots of happiness and enjoyment. People dance on Bollywood numbers and many traditional Holi songs, dressed in Indian clothes as well.

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