Bollywood weddings are always grand and if it is between two of the top Bollywood stars of this time, it will get grander. Right now, arguably two of the biggest stars of Bollywood, Ranveer Singh, and Deepika Padukone are getting married. They supposed to get married in Italy. This is quite understandable because is filled with romanticism and recently you saw Virat Kohli, the biggest name in Indian Cricket at the moment married another top-flight Bollywood star Anushka Sharma in Italy.  Therefore, let’s see some of the probable places nearby Italy Ranveer and Deepika wedding.

Lake Como; the Most Likely Destination

The reports of Ranveer and Deepika tying knots are spreading rapidly and the couple seemed to have zeroed on their probable destination for the wedding. They will be following the footsteps or the trend that has been set by Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma of tying knots in Italy. One of the widely spreading rumors about their probable destination for the wedding is that they are getting married at one of the Lake Como hotels in Italy. It is one of the most gorgeous locations in Italy and the wedding the already set to be grand.

Why Lake Como is the Perfect Location for Ranveer and Deepika Weeding?

When you think of the most romantic places in Europe for a wedding, it is very hard to find a place which can invoke the picture of tranquillity, beauty, and glamour in one go. When you go to Lake Como, you get for than that. The Lake Como may not be the largest lake in Italy but surely it more on the most attractive lakes in the world and that is why celebrities from all over the world come here for their wedding and honeymoon trips. The lake is filled with luxury villas, pretty villages, and lush green garden that are hugging the shore. That is why no destination can be better than Lake Como Italy Ranveer and Deepika wedding destination.

Things to Do Near Lake Como

There plenty of things that can be done near Lake Como. Therefore, if you want to know All about Lake Como wedding destination of Ranveer and Deepika Bollywood then here are some of those things:


Como is the regional capital near the destinations of Lake Como. It is a thriving city and could be considered as the shopper’s paradise. This place is famous for silk production and many tourists come here every year to buy silk products which are available at a reasonable price. You can also enjoy the great Como cuisine at various restaurants that will be available at a very close range. Thus, it is one of the must-see places nearby Italy Ranveer and Deepika wedding.


Bellagio is that point where both the arms of Lake Como meet. The most convenient way of arriving at this place is by boat and the view of you will get from the boat will surely be breath-taking. You can do a lot of lakeside activity here during summer. The most wonderful places to visit near Bellagio are Villa Serbelloni and Villa Melzi which are two beautiful gardens open for the public visit.


Menaggio is a city that lacks significant attractions. But it certainly delivers the natural beauty that you crave for. It is one of the prettiest sides of the lake and you can play various water sports during the month of summer. There are swimming pools and private beaches that could make Menaggio one of the ideal places nearby Italy Ranveer and Deepika wedding.

Wedding Locations At Lake Como

If you want to know about Lake Como wedding locations then here are some of them:

  • Villa Del Balbianello: One of the most popular wedding destinations which have seen a fair share of celebrity attraction. 


  • Villa Pizzo: A magnificent destination that gives you a classy feeling for the wedding with its picturesque view and 16th-century. 


  • Villa Pliniana: It is one of the most gorgeous wedding destinations in Lake Como. 

Finally, there are numerous places nearby Italy Ranveer and Deepika wedding which is set to take place at Lake Como. One thing can be said that the two of the top Bollywood stars are getting married in one of the top wedding destinations in the world.

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