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Thanks for reading my blog! My name is Priyanka Pandey  (1986). I am a Computer Science Graduate person. What makes me the writer is my passion for writing about anything as; Writing is my hobby, and I am very fond of my hobby. Worked as a freelance writer also and now I am writing about relevant topics of my life; Travel, Travel tips, Location Information, parenting combining my hobbies and my work. I am gratified to say that I am a homemaker and proud mommy of a naughty lovely 5-year-old kid and a supportive husband. All these jobs require a lot of hard work which I manage as mommy, wife and travel blogger.

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Like all travel bloggers, I primarily write from deep-rooted for discovering ideas and places, and it’s beautiful. I only write about places that most people want to visit and need relevant information about like what to do, where to stay, local culture, etc. I make my content interesting for travelers & for business traveler too.

My writing style is maybe that of a viewer, comfortable for the reader to experience a real journey with me. I usually put a lot of work into researching a destination before I write about it.

It is not about where to go & why?

I love to write about destinations, a way of travel, unique sights, museum, heritage places. It is about where to go, but about why to go there!

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