Although we all look for and dream about clear sunny skies and sandy beaches during winter away from snowy winter, there are several places in Europe which are even beautiful during winter. Renowned as the “Great White North,” the beauty of Canada is next to none.

The country which looks like a beautiful snap taken straight out of a fairytale turns in to a mesmerizing magical land when the snow starts falling. Though it is true that winter in Canada can be chilly, but the place has a lot to offer for people seeking adventure and fun. Many people individually visit Canada during winter to enjoy various activities like skiing. But even if you are not that huge a fan of the chilly weather, Canada still has a lot to offer.

winter in CanadaTo retain a healthy number of visitors, many cities have embraced their snowy status while others which are not that snowy are offering more, to attract more tourists. Unheard before winter activities, scenic natural beauty, and delightful seasonal festivals add into these cities, making them must visit during the winter. There are various reasons which can prompt you to have a vacation in Canada during next winter. The cheap affordable airfare and accommodation prices make the place an exciting prospect for budget travellers. Though it is true that Canada is chilly during winters, not all of it is freezing. The western cities like Victoria and Vancouver have a beautiful moderate climate with minimal snow. And adding to that the ski hills are not much far away. So if you are pondering about a possible vacation to Canada during the winters, then this post is undoubtedly for you. Below we look at 5 places those are even better during the winter in Canada.


The capital of the nation surely knows how to turn chilly winter months into a period of celebration, and fun outside the home. The Winterlude festival attracts a handsome amount of visitors every year. Various unique activities like ice dragon boat festival, snow sculpture exhibit attract a significant group of tourists. Apart from this they also have the renowned Accora Village Bed Race in which people dress up in costumes and race on ice to raise some money for charity. The fact that Ottawa has the world’s largest natural skating rink makes it a delight for the visitors.

winter in Canada


The party is Montreal never stops. If you are high on energy, love partying and are looking to enjoy the nightlife. Montreal is the place to be. The location is known as the city of festivals during the winter season. With buzzing electronic music of Igloo fest, which is an outdoor music event, to the renowned Montreal en Lumiere, the most significant art, music, and food winter festivals, there are plenty of things for you to do to keep you pumped up.

winter in Canada


No matter which season you visit the place, the Rockies makeup for a stunning backdrop. And when you add the mesmerizing beauty of the Northern Lights, the experience is beyond imagination. Jasper, which is a dark sky preserve, is renowned for stargazing events which are spectacular. The various winter activities like snowboarding and skiing are a must do here in this place. If you want to enjoy the iconic Canadian pursuits like the renowned dog sledging, Jasper is the ideal place to spend your next winter.

winter in Canada


The place located in the Northern part of Alberta hasn’t been historically quite famous as a tourist destination, but of late it has been gaining a lot of attraction due to the high focus on winter activities. Various festivals like Ice on Whyte, Winter Light and Deep Freeze combined with some stunningly unique attractions like Candy Cane Lane and Winter Patios, Edmonton is without a doubt one of the best places where you can enjoy the next chilly season.

winter in Canada


If you want to know what beauty and magic look like, you have to visit Calgary during winters once in your lifetime. Undoubtedly one of the best places to visit during winter in the entire world, the location makes sure that your vacation is full of fantastic experience, ice fishing, and incredible skiing. Irrespective of whether you visit this place with your family or alone, you are guaranteed to have a great time.

winter in Canada

Go ahead and plan the perfect trip. A family trip is considered to be one of the most enjoyable and memorable in any country that promises a lot of fun and memories.
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