Travelling isn’t always expensive. If you observe correctly, you will notice that you will end up spending less while traveling than what you pay at home. When thinking about the cheapest countries as travel destinations, Southeast Asia probably tops the list. Though, undoubtedly it is a nice place to start there are numerous places around the world apart from these usual spots which won’t leave a hole in your pocket. There are various places ranging across different cultures, regions, and topographies which can satisfy the hunger of your inner traveler. So if you are looking for countries where you can enjoy your travel next on a budget, this post is for you.

With a limited budget of only $30 per day below, we look at the 40 best destinations which should be on your travel bucket list.


The pretty exotic island located on the Indian Ocean is beautiful, unexplored and insanely cheap.


The place is a paradise for budget backpackers. With a rich historical and cultural heritage, the place is terrific.


One of the cheapest places where you can enjoy a perfect vacation amidst beautiful beaches and natural landscape.


With cheap accommodation and traveling options available, Thailand is a paradise for budget travelers with its amazing culture and beautiful beaches.


The place is not that popular among tourists and has a unique culture and history.


The only thing which will seem costly in this trip is the airfare. With exotic beaches and natural landscape, the place is a paradise.


If appropriately planned, travel to Vietnam can fall well within our $30 budget, and with beautiful architectural and cultural offerings, the place is a delight.


With rich cultural and historical heritage ad home to mystical Angkor Wat, Cambodia is perfect for budget travel.

Sri Lanka

The Asian country is a beautiful natural landscape. With beaches and monuments, the place also falls well within the budget.


If you want to see the beauty of nature in its pure form, Oman is the place to be. With beaches and beautiful sunsets, the place is heaven.


With vast mangrove forests and the longest beach in the world, Bangladesh is a perfect place for a budget-friendly Make sure to enjoy the local food.


The place is cheap and has gone something for everyone with numerous beaches, deserts and much more.


The country has a lot to offer to adventure lovers. The volcanoes will surely blow your mind.


With active volcanoes and cobblestone streets which are classified world heritage sites, Guatemala is perfect for your next holiday.


The Caribbean beaches with crystal waters and white sands make Panama a beautiful destination.


With beautiful culture, food, nature, and weather, Peru is ideal for a budget-friendly.


When it comes to food, culture, and nature, nothing can beat Singapore in providing a fantastic.

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The friendly people, beautiful culture, and famous national parks make Malaysia a fantastic destination for travelers.


The place is probably one of the cheapest places you can visit. It is a paradise for shoppers.


The beautiful culture and magnificent monasteries combined with the scenic beauty make Bhutan a place worth a visit.


The snow peaked mountains, and beautiful green tropicals of Nepal are something which you must visit once in your lifetime.


The country has a rich history as well as cultural heritage with some of the most scenic natural wonders.


The world’s most rapidly growing economy is one of the best when it comes to architectures.


The beautiful and spiritual Japanese castles and sites are a must visit and worth experiencing.


Home to some of the most beautiful and never seen before beaches and volcanoes, Indonesia has plenty to offer regarding flora and fauna.


The beautiful culture and astonishing monuments of Istanbul make it an exciting place to visit.


One can find beautiful ancient cities and monuments in Iran along with excellent museums and deserts.


Renowned for its monumental architecture and malls it is one of the most visited countries in the world.

South Korea

With numerous national parks, treks and heritage sites, South Korea is a paradise for budget travelers.


With some of the most beautiful monuments you can ever see, Myanmar is perfect for travelers who are short of budget and time.


If you are looking for a country which can provide you with all of food, culture, and sights, Lebanon is the perfect destination for you.


The ancient South East Asian Country is rich regarding its cultural heritage with monasteries and beautiful terrains.


Probably the most exotic and luxurious destinations with numerous beaches and resorts, Maldives is a paradise. If appropriately planned through the local route you can easily travel it within budget.


If you have are fond of natural wonders and wildlife, Kenya is the ideal place to spend your next vacation.


Full of fantastic food and beautiful beaches the place is a heaven for tourists.


With rich historical heritage, Egypt has many ancient monuments which are worth a visit once in your lifetime.


Probably the cheapest holiday destination in Europe, Hungary has a lot to offer regarding adventures and natural beauty.


Qatar which is still pretty much unexplored has numerous beaches and museums which are worth a visit.


With ancient palaces, fortresses and beautiful churches, Russia is an ideal place for your next vacation.

There are numerous myths and misconceptions regarding various destinations and the costs associated with them in travelers mind, for example, countries like Russia and Chile are considered to be expensive, but the truth will leave you surprised. Many countries which look costly are not that expensive when the travel planned correctly.

So why wait! Pack your bags and plan a vacation to these locations which are budget friendly as well as enjoyable also.

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