Traveling solo can be fun as well as adventurous. The experience is enriching as well as soothing and stays with you throughout your life. It is always recommended to have a solo trip once in your lifetime. The tour not only takes you to different places but also makes you on a path of self-discovery and self-learning. The sheer excitement of visiting various sites with different cultures, meeting different people, and enjoying different delicacies is delightful. The joy and pleasure accompanied by solo travel are beyond imagination. The journey not only helps you in understanding the world and yourself better but also helps in understanding your spiritual self.

There are some places around the world which makes the perfect destination for solo traveling. But when it comes to choosing, South America has undoubtedly some of the most beautiful places which are a paradise for single travelers from across the world. Many destinations are waiting to be explored on this incredible continent. Picking the right goals as a solo traveler is the task of utmost importance. South America is full of places which are not only beautiful to the eye but also soothing to the heart. If you are looking for a perfect solo gate away, then South America is undoubtedly one of the ideal destinations to visit. Picking the location as a solo traveler can be a difficult task, so below we look at the 15 most incredible destinations where you can enjoy the best solo vacation in South America.

Machu Picchu, Peru:

The world’s most iconic archaeological site, Machu Picchu situated in the Andes is the place of the ancient Inca civilization. The location has some beautiful mountain ranges and some astonishing towers, temples and much more. If you like exploring then this is the ideal place to visit.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil:

Probably one of the most famous places for tourists across the world, Rio de Janeiro situated in Brazil is full of beaches, mountains, and The place guarantees an enthralling experience for all its visitors.

Cartagena, Colombia:

This colorful city charms all its visitors with the help of its beautiful culture and broad cuisine. The 16th-century houses with wooden balconies, old churches and cafes are added attractions.

Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Buenos Aires is captivating. If you want to enjoy your solo vacation to the fullest, this is the perfect location to be. The rich history alongside the traditional town halls and dance clubs are a must visit.

Cusco, Peru:

If you are trekking your way to Machu Picchu, Cusco has to be your pit spot. Located approximately 11000 feet above sea level, this former capital o the Inca civilization has a lot to offer to its visitors. The traditions of the place along with the old world charm are irresistible.

Lima, Peru:

Lima has something for everyone. From old monuments to archaeological sites from Inca civilization, the place is full of history and tradition. If you are travelling solo, this place can help you with exploration and learning.

Santiago, Chile:

Located right in the heart of Chile and surrounded by the majestic Andes, Santiago is a beautiful and picturesque city. The place has many beautiful destinations to fill your hunger of exploration.

Lake Titicaca:

Bordering Bolivia in the east and Peru in the west, Lake Titicaca is a gigantic 3200 sq mile lake having some of the rarest and beautiful wildlife. The place is fantastic for a solo vacation.

Sao Paulo, Brazil:

Home to approximately 21 million people the metropolitan has a fascinating and intriguing history. The place has many parks, museums, monuments and music halls to keep you engaged.

Bogota, Columbia:

The place which also is quite famous for its crime and drugs has some of the most beautiful historical monuments as well as delicious dishes which are worth experiencing once in your lifetime.

Mendoza, Argentina:

The highest peak of the Western Hemisphere, situated in the east of Mount Aconcagua, this place is a natural wonder.

Iguazu National Park, Argentina:

The Iguazu National Park is spread over 290 miles of tropical rainforest making it amazingly beautiful. The hiking trails and beautiful wildlife are an added advantage.

Uyuni, Bolivia:

The Uyuni salt flats and the nearby natural wonders are a thing of beauty and should entirely feature on your bucket list.

Huachachina, Peru:

The place is also referred to as the backpacker’s paradise and is an ideal destination for a solo vacation. The desert oasis town is beauty beyond imagination.

Quito, Ecuador:

The high altitude place is distinctively beautiful and cheap to your pockets making it an exciting destination.

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