In our blog, Protraveloholic always provides well versed and user-friendly information to make your trip memorable for a lifetime. Today here we share the facts about Goa.

If you are planning to visit an offbeat tourist destination that has several unique sightseeing attractions then keep this fact in the back of your mind that there could be plenty of undiscovered aspects and facts about the place.  Take for example the fun capital of India, yes you have guessed it right we are talking about Goa. This state has a rich legacy of history that has been enriched time and again as people from various parts of the world have made their establishments here for centuries. One thing is for sure that Goa has a truly cosmopolitan culture.

In this piece of writing, we will discuss some hidden fact about Goa that few people are aware.

1 How many bars does Goa have?

Goa is one of the smallest states in India. However, it has an astounding 7000 licensed bar that serves alcohol daily. Guess what if you take into the tally the unlicensed ones the figure will reach a staggering number.

2 The immortal body of St. Francis Xavier

It is one of the Goa facts, which have made people believe in the might of God over science.  During the Portuguese occupation of Goa in 1542 St. Francis Xavier began his missionary activity of spreading the gospel.  He died in Macau in 1552 and his body was brought to Goa which is at present enshrined in the glass casing at the famous Basilica of Bom Jesus Church.

3 Goa has the highest Per-Capita Income

You will be astonished to know that a common person of Goa has an average yearly income of more than 192,652. Very few people are aware of this hidden fact about Goa.  If you cherish to live, a comfortable life pampered with luxury then drop in here at the earliest.

4 Goa is one of the leading exporters of mineral ore

One of the intriguing facts about Goa is the rich legacy of mineral ore exports that began in the 16th century. At present, Goa is one of the leading exporters of Laterite stone, iron, and manganese enriching India’s GDP.  Exports of bauxite, magnesia, limestone, and clay have also surged over the years.

5 Goa has a forest density cover of 30 percent

People generally think that Goa is about wonderful beaches thronged by beautiful people.  Well, there is more to Goa than this. It is one of the few states of India that has a forest density covering of 30 percent, which is home to some of the exotic wildlife species in the face of this planet.  Goa happens to be a safe recluse for 275 bird species and 40 types of reptiles and animals. What is more astonishing is that few travelers are aware of its rich ecosystem making it one of the most intriguing hidden fact about Goa.

unique and wired things about GOA

6. Goa has many haunted places

Until now, we have been talking about the pious, sacred, and beautiful features of Goa. However, for the weakly hearted there are some places to avoid in Goa, as they are believed to be haunted.  It includes, the Three Kings Church, Ignorchem Bandh,  Rachol Seminary Arch, and Jakni Bandh to name a few.

7. Goa is home to Asia’s only naval aviation museum

This museum displays the history of India’s naval aviation. You can see the majestic reconnaissance ship called Lockheed Super Constellation. In this museum, you can also take a look at India’s first naval aircraft.  If you are fond of the jet trainers, aircraft, helicopters that have served during the wars then you must know about this hidden fact about Goa.

8. The first medical school of India was established here

The Portuguese established the Goa medical college in the 18th century and it was the first of its kind. It is one of Asia’s oldest medical colleges that were built to educate prospective doctors and give treatment to the ailing.

9. Motorcycle Taxis

Goa is the only place in India where you can ask for a lift to a biker and pay without the apprehension of riding with a stranger. It is one of the last hidden facts about Goa that cost of transportation is economical and fuel efficient.

10. The dark side

Sadly, you need to be aware of the dirty facts about Goa.  If you are planning a vacation here then keep in mind that you need to lodge and dine in safe places that have the approval of local authorities. The place has a bad name for drug abuse, pedophiles, and sex trafficking.

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